Put aside your watch and calendar. Forget about decades and centuries. Begin to think in geologic time - 'deep time', thousands of millions of years."

Trail marker at site overlooking Grand Canyon, Arizona –  Yavapai Geology Museum

“Spending time listening to the greater context in which we are all embedded (Earth, community, Global Awareness and evolving Cosmos) helps us all form a sacred response. The following are five key mindsets or perspectives which I’ve found to be helpful.’
– Brian Tucker

Community/ Eco-Systems Mindset

Working with this mindset, I’ve learned to network and make new connections. Collaborations between Science and Global cultures have led me to explore a more spiritually-informed and cultural aware Science.  Weaving together embodied practices (yoga, ecstatic postures, meditation) along with social action have brought a greater clarity to my overall efforts as a changemaker.  This mindset helps me to ignite a re-enchantment with the Sacred.  It helps me see the human as being embedded within a web of interdependent relationships throughout the global community and greater Cosmos. 

Big Sky Mindset

Cross-cultural, multi-faith service requires a willingness to learn new customs, languages and perspectives. Inspiring different faith groups and cultures using teachings from the world wisdom traditions requires sensitivity and patience.  The Big Sky Mindset challenges us to find a greater appreciation for the diversity of global perspectives. This diversity will become more vital as we collectively approach the larger question of how we are to thrive as a species, living in harmony with Nature. 

Systems Transformation Mindset

Leading during times of dissonance (team dissatisfaction with technology performance, project delays due to Covid-19, etc.) requires a more collaborative and fluid approach to project management, a willingness to engage with the gap of uncertainty that comes from the times in which we are living.  In this mindset, we often see possibilities where others perceive only unsolvable problems. Maintaining and evolving relationships in a remote work setting is especially important.   Grappling with systems complexity and identifying root causes of problems is a key part of developing the “Systems Transformation” Mindset.

Deep Listening Mindset

Listening to others deeply and being heard by others can be a powerfully transformative experience. Through embodied spiritual practices such as yoga, meditation, Qi gong, movement and ecstatic trance postures we can learn to embody and understand the interconnectedness of life. Resiliency in the face of uncertainty is a skill that can be built over time. By further developing the “Deep Listening” mindset, we can also learn to better hear the guidance of Interiority which leads to a more empowered response.

Pattern/Continuum Mindset

The fifth mindset is about finding the patterns among the landscape of experience and observation..

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