Generations of War

Learning from our past - Honoring a common legacy

The Story

“I bet if all these letters were saved, they would constitute a diary of my Army life away from home. Say hello to the kids for me. Hope you are better. Let me know, will you? Tell Dad his son is as good a soldier as any of these rookies.” – excerpt from a letter by Army Air Force Cadet, Harris Tucker, August 22, 1942

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Why it Matters

An ordinary soldier among thousands in the history of war.  What difference did Harris Tucker, veteran of WWII make to the generations that followed.  How might his life have been shaped by the service his father gave, Herb Aaron Tucker in World War I?  When my own father, a veteran of the Korean War, became ill with Cancer in 2004, I embarked on a writing project to better understand the context of the battles he had faced as a youth, young adult, father and now Cancer patient.  The process of writing “Generations of War: A Family’s History of World War II” brought me closer to the harsh reality of war, and the generational trauma that it can unleash in our world.  Although thought of as a “Just War”, World War II continues to reverberate in our collective psyche for a specific reason.  We may yet learn the lesson of war which can finally bring our world peace.  

Brian Tucker